Lead Consultant, Cogent

Oct 2015 - Present

Senior Software Developer, GreenSync Pty. Ltd.

Oct 2013 - Oct 2015

My responsibilities included the design, development and maintenance of components at all levels of the product. In addition to mentoring and coaching new staff, I enjoyed the usual range of opportunities in a startup company including participating in product design, disaster recovery planning and implementation, and the development of entirely new market opportunities.

REA Group, Senior Software Developer (Contract)

Feb 2013 - Sep 2013

I worked on the Business Intelligence Quality programme at REA. The program was transformative, aiming to incrementally replace legacy back-end systems with independent web micro-services. In doing so we determined practices and policies to guide REA in the future development of line-of-business and back-end applications.

My responsibilites were varied, ranging from AWS architecture design to Ruby integration with legacy system integration (including Sage CRM and Accpac). I mentored junior team members, and was involved in the recruitment of new developers. I also successfully promoted iner-team communications and collaboration on projects.

Lonely Planet, Senior Software Developer

Sep 2011 - Feb 2013

On the Shared Publishing Platform (SPP) we used (at the time) cutting edge web technologies (HTML5, Ruby on Rails, Coffeescript, Backbone.js) to build a robust publishing CRM application that functioned both online and offline. We were by necessity a highly Agile team, as our work was exploratory both in the technological and business fields.

Leighton O’Brien, Software Developer (Contract)

Feb 2010 - Sep 2011

  1. Evangelised Agile principles and development best practices within the company
  2. Collaborated with staff, consultants and stakeholders to improve practices to meet delivery and quality goals
  3. Planned and conducted interviews and coding tests to recruit new software developers
  4. Collaborated upon the architecture of a WCF + RIA based Silverlight application to replace an existing line-of-business system implemented in VBA
  5. Researched and evangelised best practices for .NET 4.0, WCF + RIA, and Silverlight 4.0 development
  6. Worked with Business Analyst and senior stakeholders to develop an architecture for that Silverlight application that meets both immediate performance and strategic requirements
  7. Assisted with the discovery and documentation of the statistical processes within the legacy VBA system, and re-implemented many of those statistical processes in C#
  8. Designed a test harnesses to ensure the new .NET system produces outputs equivalent to the VBA system
  9. Migrated the live Silverlight project from VS2010 Beta through to RC and then RTM

Director, OffByZero Pty. Ltd.

Mar 2007 - Sep 2011

As one of two directors and founders, built OffByZero from scratch in 2007 into a profitable consulting and software company that has released three software products. Along with my business partner, I:

  1. Developed & released Cobalt – a turnkey software licensing solution for .NET (
  2. Developed & released OBZVault – a Java based encrypted text editor (
  3. Developed & released OBZTime – a Ruby on Rails based time sheet solution OBZTime (
  4. Produced and delivered advertising material including text ads, screencasts, presentations, live coding demos
  5. Provided consulting and bespoke software using VBA, VB.NET, C#, Java and Ruby on Rails
  6. Administered all aspects of the business, including sales, accounting, taxation, and insurance
  7. Grew OffByZero in scope and profitability throughout the global market readjustment of 2007 - 2009

Leica Microsystems, Software Developer (Contract)

Jun 2008 - Jan 2009

  1. Significantly improved communication between stakeholders and developers by involving stakeholders in the generation of acceptance criteria for each individual Story
  2. Introduced and encouraged the adoption of Agile processes within the development of Cerebro, a .NET 3.5-based case management system for histology labs
  3. Mentored junior developers in OO design, dynamic programming, .NET development and Agile processes
  4. Researched, designed and implemented a device-agnostic printing system in .NET 3.5 for laboratory printers including the Leica IP-C, IP-S and Zebra printers
  5. Introduced and evangelised new .NET technologies that enable Agile processes, including the White UI testing library and NCoverCop
  6. Tested the suitability of the IP-C device for integration with Cerebro and developed best practices for printing 2D bar-codes and human-readable text with that device

Varian Australia, Software Developer (Contract)

Jun 2007 - May 2008

  1. Assisted with the adoption of Extreme Programming within the CRE team
  2. Mentored junior developers in OO design, .NET, and test driven development
  3. Researched SQL Server Reporting Services, WiX, and Spire Designer components
  4. Contributed to open source projects used by CRE

Object Consulting, Software Developer (Contract)

Mar 2007 - Jun 2007

  1. Helped determined requirements for HBA’s enterprise CRM (called Cyclops)
  2. Consulted upon the design of key Cyclops components
  3. Created and improved essential Cyclops components
  4. Evangelised best practices in .NET - in particular WinForms
  5. Suggested several key improvements to the design of the Cyclops DB
  6. Built relationships with client staff members including managers, developers and QA team

Agile Software Ltd., Software Developer

Jan 2006 - Feb 2007

  1. Participated in the top-level design of Avaya Contact Center Express (CCE) 3.0
  2. Created key CCE desktop components including Email, Printing, Rules and Spelling
  3. Created the Virtual Media Client custom solution immediately upon arrival
  4. Researched an IronPython based scripting framework for CCE
  5. Pioneered the use of dependency injection
  6. Created and evangelised a modern development environment for Agile
  7. Promoted better integration of internal customers with the development team during design
  8. Evangelised Test Driven Development of libraries and WinForms GUIs
  9. Arranged the first in-house end-user testing of CCE

Pharos Systems Ltd., Software Developer

Sep 2002 - Jan 2006

  1. Performed initial research on .NET, recommending it over Java for Blueprint 3.0
  2. Created the extensible GUI framework that runs all Blueprint desktop plugins
  3. Created a custom branding and I18N library and DB compatible with .NET and MFC
  4. Created a custom I18N solution for Crystal Reports 9.0 using the CR COM interface
  5. Researched and created the MSI-based deployment framework
  6. Implemented an MSMQ-based scalable extensible task infrastructure
  7. Evangelised and trained others in the use of Test Driven Development

Netwin Ltd., Software Developer

Aug 2000 - Sep 2002

  1. Responsible for DPOP server, and WatchDog and PopFetch utilities
  2. Resolved reliability and feature issues in DPOP
  3. Dramatically reduced DPOP support costs
  4. Introduced the use of source control by the company
  5. Represented Netwin in Bangkok in a consulting role
  6. Introduced the use of issue tracking to development and support
  7. Created an automated cross-platform build system