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Rosemary at sunset

Rosemary is a 1970 Land Rover Series 2 FFT (Fitted For Transceiver). We bought her registered in New South Wales, then transferred her to Victoria. I fitted the original seats, then we had Anthony Johnson at British 4WD Imports service her and bring her up to spec for registration in Victoria. Anthony is a great guy and really knows his stuff; if you have an old Land Rover and you’re looking for a mechanic, I strongly recommend getting in touch with him.

Rosemary makes a refreshing change of pace from a career in IT; with no electronics, minimal electrics and a four-speed gearbox with no synchromesh in the first two gears she’s a great way of getting in touch with the world. Driving becomes a skilled, consuming, visceral experience that’s very different to the wafting isolation characteristic of modern vehicles.

Also, if you’re sick of people wishing you safety (as in “have a safe trip” or “have a safe holiday”) there’s nothing like replying “no thanks, I prefer to have fun - have you seen my car?” :-)

We sold her in August 2012 to a friend who has promised he’ll look after her - it’s good to know she’s in safe hands, and as soon as our youngest child is old enough, we’ll be buying another Series Land Rover.

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