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Update, Thursday March 12 2015: Maggie is no more :( I crashed her into a car on the M1, fortunately escaping with just a sore elbow (all the gear, all the time!). She was today judged a total loss by the insurance company. A sad day, as we (meaning Mototecnic, really) had ironed out all of her reliability issues and she’d been running really well for nearly two years.

The End of Maggie

Maggie is a 1982 Suzuki GS1100G; I purchased her in decidedly second-hand condition from eBay and had Mototecnic recondition her over a period of several months.

I’ve been using her as a commuter (my commute from Upwey to Richmond is around 40 minutes each way) and plan to do some touring & camping in the summer months.

There is a set of photos of Maggie on Flickr.

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