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Maggie Maggie

Update, Thursday March 12 2015: Maggie is no more :( I crashed her into a car on the M1, fortunately escaping with just a sore elbow (all the gear, all the time!). She was today judged a total loss by the insurance company. A sad day, as we (meaning Mototecnic, really) had ironed out all of her reliability issues and she’d been running really well for nearly two years.

Maggie is a 1982 Suzuki GS1100G; I purchased her in decidedly second-hand condition from eBay and had Mototecnic recondition her over a period of several months. She’s named Maggie in honour of the late, great Margaret Thatcher.

I’ve been using her as a commuter (my commute from Upwey to Richmond is around 40 minutes each way) and plan to do some touring & camping in the summer months.

There is a set of photos of Maggie on this site.

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