Why I left Patreon

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December 28, 2018

I just shut down my Patreon account, and have switched to direct support instead. Not that I expect a response (mine was a tiny account, and Patreon is remaining infamously tight-lipped on this matter), but I sent them an email explaining why:

I thought I’d drop you a line to explain why I’m leaving Patreon.

I see myself as a Liberal, in the original sense of the word. Freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of trade. Make love, not war. End the draft. Deregulate marriage. Separate Church and State. Open borders. Judge people as individuals, not as members of a group.

I also happen to think that Milo is an asshole, Lauren is a racist dressed up as a patriot, Gab is a forum for hate-filled idiots, and that you were well within your rights to ban the lot of them.

So why am I leaving?

I think that you are selectively enforcing your Trust & Safety policies in order to de-platform people on the right of your political position, while ignoring equivalent behaviour from those on the left. A couple of examples immediately spring to mind: ItsGoingDown, and CynthiaG (the latter of whom uses the phrase “evil albinoid”, which I really should get on a t-shirt).

I value freedom of speech very highly, and would rather support creators directly than help Patreon with what appears to be a de-platforming programme in favour of people whose politics I disagree with.