May 6, 2019

I’d scheduled yet another refurbishment session for my beloved ThinkPad X220.

X220 at Fresho

Plans for this session were:

Things, err, didn’t go according to plan.

First off was the ThinkLight repair. As you can see from the photo below, the cable is very fine. I’d intended to repair the ThinkLight by using heat shrink butt splicers:

But those were too coarse; they formed an excellent connection; both electrically and physically secure. But the resultant cable was too think to fit inside the screen bezel.

My second attempt involved wire-wrap and fine heatshrink. This produced a solid electrical connection (see below) but was physically weak, and also didn’t fit inside the case.

Next on the list was using some copper tape to secure loose bits. An aerial tab I’d knocked loose, plus a cable left loose from some earlier enhancements were making an odd rattling sound if I moved or shook the laptop. This was an easy fix, and the only part of this round that actually worked.

Finally, the new bezel! Unfortunately - and I guess this is what you get for buying parts from eBay instead of from the manufacturer - it simply doesn’t fit. The clips literally don’t work, and the bezel pops off immediately after it’s fitted. This is clearly a fault with the new bezel, as the old bezel fitted right back on and stayed put.

So, I’m temporarily stumped. The X220 doesn’t rattle, which is something. But the ThinkLight is still MIA (requiring a new cable and light), and I’m going to need a replacement bezel. It’s worth mentioning that I could upgrade to a newer X-series, but they have the new island keyboards, not the old-style (and IMO more comfortable) IBM-style keyboards. At this point though my choices seem to be:

Decisions, decisions. I’m leaning towards the latter approach at this point, as Rosemary is nearly 3, at which point I’ll get her a ThinkPad too.