Switching back to GNU/Linux

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April 26, 2019

I’ve been using FreeBSD (most recently 12.0) for several years, but have recently made the switch back to GNU/Linux for my development environment.

The main reasons I’ve made this change are:

  1. Docker support. Docker is currently not particularly stable or usable on FreeBSD. This is a big problem for me as many of the teams I work with now use Docker, and I need my local environment to support it seamlessly.
  2. Electron support. The Electron port for FreeBSD is currently stalled, and tied to FreeBSD 11.1. There’s currently an $850 bounty to complete it. Cypress is, by a long margin, my favourite web UI testing tool. However, it’s an Electron app, and my attempts to port it have been stymied by this.

I’ll be keeping an eye on FreeBSD, though, and will definitely be giving it another try in the future. I’ve switched between GNU/Linux and FreeBSD in the past as my everyday OS, and suspect I will be doing so again in a year or two.