September 20, 2020

The second in a series of long-term reviews, I’m moving on from shoes to keyboards. Those who know me, know I’m picky about both :)

Since giving up on Bluetooth keyboards, I’ve settled on a WASD 87 key Cherry Brown USB keyboard, after restoring and running a Compaq MX-11800 until its electronics died.

It’s great to type on, with a layout that’s perfectly suited to my needs. Solid, stable, well-made, and backlit, I only have one complaint: the keycaps are wearing at a far quicker rate than I’m used to.

WASD keyboard wear

Perhaps I’m spoiled. The Compaq and my Unicomp looked the same after years of heavy use, as they did when they shipped. The WASD, though, is exhibiting significant signs of wear after only a year or two’s hard use.

Still, I’ll be happily using the WASD until Unicomp ships their (much noisier!) Mini-M tenkeyless. That’s been significantly delayed due to COVID-19, but I’m hoping to be able to buy one this year.

Other than keycap wear - easily enough solved by replacing them with a custom set - I have nothing but praise for the WASD. It even fits in my (generously sized) shoulder bag for travel between clients.