November 10, 2020

Continuing my theme of long-term reviews, this time I’m reviewing a Stella Passione 2-cup moka pot coffee maker that I received as a gift from my friends Daniel and Rhiana.

Stella Passione

To be honest, I don’t remember when I received it :) But it was certainly more than five years ago, as I remember using it prior to moving house to Belgrave.

In that time, it’s just performed flawlessly. I use it to make filter-style coffee, with loosely piled grounds, not tamped like with espresso. The result is a strong brew that’s not as subtle as say Aeropress, but great when what I really want is a big, strong, hot, black cup of coffee for a late night hacking run.

All I’ve had to do over the past half a decade is replace the rubber seals, and they’re cheaply and easily available on eBay.

The Passione is, along with a dishwasher and slow cooker, one of my kitchen “must-haves”.