October 8, 2020

Another long-term review - this time of a goat leather bag I bought from an eBay reseller.

A few years ago, I was in the market for a leather shoulder bag to carry my 12” Lenovo ThinkPad X220. I wanted something comfortable to carry, rugged, long-lasting, and at least somewhat waterproof.

While reading about options, I discovered that goat leather bags, hand made in India, were available through Australian resellers like The Leather Trading Co at very good prices.

I purchased with some trepidation, though, as various reviewers online had criticised such bags as having a strong goat odour, iffy quality control, and long shipping times.

As it happened, though, I had no such problems. The bag arrived promptly, in good condition, and with only a faint goat odour that was dealt with entirely by airing in the sun for a day, and (late in the day) applying a good helping of Oakwood Dubbin.

In daily use, it was great. Sufficient pockets (including one secured by a zipper), magnetic pop-open fasteners under the (functional!) buckles, and a comfy wide shoulder strap.

Several years on it’s still in great condition, having been subjected to daily carry, air travel (stuffed to bulging with spare batteries and adaptors), and day trips with the family (laptop replaced with baby wipes and spare food).

Goat Bag

My only two complaints are with this particular bag design. Firstly, the shoulder strap loops are rectangular and prone to rotating lengthwise in their loops (as in the photo below). Secondly, the top flap is by design slightly less wide than the rest of the bag, which could allow rain in (but never caused me a problem in practice).

Goat Bag loop problem

Overall I was so impressed with this bag that I ordered my wife a similar bag a year or so later, and it’s still in great condition and in daily use.

Even better, there was hardly any goat odour with this one, and the design suffered from neither of the issues I noticed in mine.

Goat Handbag