December 29, 2017

I’m writing this post on an ancient ThinkPad R51 given to me by a colleague (thanks jxmitche!).

Despite only barely being capable of running my everyday software (FreeBSD 11.1, Emacs, Firefox) it’s a thoroughly pleasant system to use, for two reasons:

  1. An excellent keyboard; even better than the later Lenovo ThinkPads I’ve used (like my X220 dev machine).
  2. A 4:3 ratio matte screen.

The screen is really the standout item. It’s been years since I’ve used a 4:3 screen, and I’ve become resigned to 16:9 screens that seem more suited to watching movies than editing text. I’m already missing 4:3, and that’s in the context of using one with a laptop that is really slow.

More than ever, the Chinese-hacker-made T-series w/ modern innards and high-res 4:3 screens are looking appealing for my next laptop upgrade. This 4:3 screen is so nice I’m looking at my X220 - a better machine in almost every way - with a sinking feeling.