Looking back at 2017 goals

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January 16, 2018

Right, let’s look back at and assess my Goals for 2017:

So that’s 4/11. Not terribly bad, but it’s conspicuously the easiest items that I achieved.

I learned a fair bit in working towards those goals.

I’d assumed that growing our family by a third child would increase my workload in a predictable, linear manner. This was wrong: actually what happens is the possibility of unexpected, time-consuming, and expensive events grows in a squared relationship, in a similar manner to Brooks’ law.

Deciding I wanted to be an Emacs contribute was putting the cart way before the horse. What I should have decided was that I wanted to improve a significant use case of mine for Emacs, and if that became a patch that was accepted into Emacs, great. Failing to get this right led to a lot of pointless flailing.

My budget was way out of date, and missing several crucial elements. I’d have been a lot less gung-ho about a 10% savings goal if I’d known that. Note to self (and this will likely be the subject of yet another future post): keep your budget current :)

Fasting three days a week does result in fairly rapid weight loss, but it’s remarkably unpleasant. Two days per week is a much easier proposition, and the approach I’ll be taking in 2018. So far, that’s progressing nicely, although I’ve yet to observe any significant weight loss. Early days yet.

Over the next week or two I’ll be mulling goals for 2018, probably rolling a few of the 2017 goals I missed in.