June 22, 2018

It’s not often I link to a Facebook post, but this post by Keith Weiner pretty much sums up the current state of immigration law in the USA:

If you think that:

  • people fleeing Hell should be forced back
  • people fleeing Hell are responsible for thugs taking their kids
  • taking their kids is OK because maybe they’re not their kids
  • they bring their kids to embarrass Trump
  • the law is the law, regardless of how unjust
  • all laws must be enforced no matter how unjust
  • there’s no such thing as an unjust law
  • Ayn Rand should have been deported
  • borders limit, not govt power, but moving goods and people

We don’t have a difference of politics, but of morality!

Hat tip to Peter Cresswell.

It’s worth mentioning that I’m not one of the folks laying all of the blame for this with Trump. Both Democrats and Republicans have been building this system for years; Trump has just turned the dial another notch towards evil. It chafes my hide that Democrats are only now criticising the system, as it feels a lot like partisan point-scoring.