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November 8, 2021

Back in around 2004, I published Dougal - a “mail-washing program for the POP3 mail protocol” written in Perl 5.

At the time, I added a small icon to the bottom of the page, linking to the Viewable With Any Browser campaign:

Best viewed with any browser

Back in 2004, much of the Web really only worked properly in Internet Explorer, which in turn ran only on Microsoft Windows. The Any Browser campaign was a response to this: a grass-roots attempt to undermine the Microsoft monopoly in browser technology (as strange as that very concept sounds today).

Seventeen years later, we’re heading rapidly back into a browser monoculture, except this time, in the hands of a company far more powerful than Microsoft was even in its heyday.

So I thought it was time to bring back the Any Browser icon in the footer of this site. It sits alongside the “100% Mothra Compatible” button, which dates back a few months to my effort to make this site navigable on Plan 9.